Tacoma Free Skool is seeking class submissions for our May session.
Classes can be about almost anything! As long as someone has something to share, we will have classes!
Anybody can be a teacher, and anybody can be a learner!
Stumped for ideas? Check out the classes that have been suggested from our surveys!
Bike repair
Plant identification in the PNW
DIY hygiene/self care products
Cooking on a budget
Sewing basics
Urban gardening
Unsung heroes
How to be nice (how to not be a bully)
Collage 101
Creative writing
Reading groups, notedly “A people’s history of the United states”
Basic plumbing
Intro into herbal medicine
Knitting and crocheting

Sooo much more
Seriously, the only limit is your imagination.
If you have ever wanted to share skills, but never had a platform, now is your chance!
Email Tacomafreeskool@outlook.com to submit a class idea!


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  1. Hi, I am offering a free drill team class meeting at the PC Summit Library twice a month, starting January 28th. 10am-12pm. Girls will be learning a routine, how to march as a group and will be performing in the Daffodil Festival Parade April 11. We are looking for girls who are willing to work hard, strive for excellence and uphold integrity. There will be a costume cost and a parade entry fee. Please check out http://integrityhomeschooldrill.blogspot.com/ for more information or email Monica at grace2ubooboo@yahoo.com.


    • Hi! That sounds great, We would definitely be interested in adding this to our calendar. One small problem is that we do not charge for classes, or advertise anything the requires a fee. If you would be willing to work with us so that ladies that participate through the Free Skool do not have to pay that fee then we would be more than willing to add this opportunity to our calendars,


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