Introduction to Organic Intensive Gardening- An Ongoing  Series

Facilitator:  Lexa Wade

Contact Method:

Date/ Time: 2:30

April 19/ April 26th

Location: Dometop Community Garden @ 3151 East L Street

(Dometop Community Garden is within Rogers Park)

Description: Organic intensive methods of gardening and DIY garden workshops


Part 1. Soil 101

  • What is it? Introduction to Techniques/Theory/History
  • Soil Structure

Part 2. Seeds and Starts


From seed to harvest and in between, we will exploring the trials, tribulations, excitement, successes of growing your own food.

While using the natural growing cycle and all of its glory as a “lesson plan” participants will learn and discuss not just the basics the basics of Organic Intensive Gardening but also have a chance to partake in open format garden discussions about the importance of Pollinators, GMO’s vs hybrids vs heirlooms”, food production/agriculture history, and native plants.

Also worth mentioning, there will be workshops to learn garden DIY projects and activities.  Building a compost bin, saving seeds, canning, building cold-frames, and hoop houses .…and more if we can!

All experiences and ages welcome. Participants encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences during the class. It will be a hands-on, collective brainstorm format. Come or go as you please! Bring your friends, bring your mother, you uncles, your boss, your lovely self!!!!







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