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What is a free skool?

What is a free skool?


A free skool is a horizontally-organized and monetarily-free network of learners that come together with a DIY ethic to share the skills and knowledge needed for the liberation and well-being of their community. Free skools are run by a group of volunteers who coordinate classes, organize facilitators, promote the free skool, and find the other necessary resources for the free skool to operate. In its most pure sense, the free skool locates donated spaces and charges no fees for attendance, though there are practical exceptions made.

The types of classes one might encounter in a free skool are limitless, or limited only by the imagination of the groups involved. There is, however, a cultural tendency for free skools to offer courses that aim to liberate people either theoretically or materially from authoritarianism and consumer capitalism. Common courses one may find at a free skool are bicycle repair, anarchist discussion group, edible plant identification, open source c

omputing, know your rights, knitting, and scores of others.

A free skool is spelled with a ‘k’ to differentiate it from a free school, which are most often limited to K-12 education as a replacement for “school-school.” Free schools, also sometimes referred to as “brick and mortar” free schools, tend to issue diplomas, pay their employees, and have some relationship with the state an

d other certification and accreditation bureaus. The free skool on the other hand is informal, unaffiliated, and offers no certification or legitimization of ones knowledge or skills obtained rather focusing on learning skills for their own sake or due to an intrinsic interest on the part of the learner.

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